General Council

The general council is comprised of the general superior, the assistant general superior and two other councilors. The role of the general superior is one of spiritual and apostolic leadership, service and love.  She exercises the highest authority and with the assistance of her council directs and administers the entire congregation according to the constitutions, the general directory, the mandates of the general assembly and the laws of the Church.
(Our Way of Life #118)

The general council works closely with the leadership of the various parts of the congregation  and is responsible for the following :  remaining faithful to the SSM charism, constitutions and the decisions of the general assembly;  promoting unity within the congregation and encouraging development of it.  While remaining faithful to tradition, the general council is to give prophetic vision to the future direction of the congregation.
(Our Way of Life #117)

The general superior is the official representative of the congregation to ecclesiastical and civil authority. (Our Way of Life # 118)

General Council (2017 – 2022)

Sr. Catherine Marie Hanegan, General Superior
Sr. Julie Marie Peters, General Assistant
Sr. Gudrun Maria Schellner, Councilor
Sr. Anna Maria Buchini, Councilor 


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