Charism, Mission and Spiritual Heritage


The charism that emerged during the foundational years of the congregation continues to be the dynamic influence that shapes our specific mission within the Church.  Through a dedicated life of apostolic service, vitalized by a contemplative spirit, we care for those in need, especially the poor, and in our own poverty seek the Lord above all.  “Lord, I desire nothing but You, but You I desire to possess entirely.” (Our Way of Life  #4)

Deep respect and loving concern for others, generosity and simplicity, humility and penance, love of the cross and fidelity to the Church are integral to the spiritual heritage that challenges us to live our vocation as Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother (Our Way of Life  #5)

This heritage is an enduring gift which calls forth continual renewal of spirit, development of our charism, and adaptation to the conditions of the times. (Our Way of Life  #6)