Germany - Delegation

From this beginning, the later Hospital Marienburg was established, but had to be closed in 1994. Many other missions, outpatient services, kindergartens and today´s SeniorencentrumSt. Josef, resulted from the sisters´presence in Germany. In 1968 the Mädchenrealschule (secondary/high school for girls) was established. In 2005 sponsorship was transferred to the Diocese of Eichstatt.


  • Caritas-Senior Center, St. Josef, Abenberg – a home for seniors where our sisters still do voluntary services and are present.
  • Pastoral care in Abenberg, Mellrichstadt, Roth, Pullach (in the parish, hospital and nursing homes).
  • In the Sisters` residence in Abenberg live our elderly and infirm sisters who are also receive the care needed. Their main task is their prayer apostolate.



  • Participation in yearly activities for youth and young adults
  • Participation in Bible sharing, retreat days and fasting courses
  • Participation in courses for preparing Biblical figures
  • Offer of a Community on the Way (“Weggemeinschaft”)
  • Possibilities for individual conversations, also dialogue with other denominations
  • Involvement with First Communion and Confirmation groups
  • Possibility to participate in our prayers, meditation and days of silence



  • Guests are welcome!

                  … at our prayer times and liturgical celebrations

                  … for conversations, visits and spiritual accompaniment

                  … at times of silence and recollection with the possibility of overnight


                  … for a one-time overnight stay as Jacobean pilgrims.

  • Accommodate and care for refugees and people during their asylum procedures for a limited time


Social Justice

  • In Germany, we support
    • Organizations that work against human trafficking and abused women
    • Organizations that work for mothers and children in need
    • Refugee organizations that are committed to work for just asylum procedures and human dignity
  • Concretely we participate in helping with
    • Renting shelter homes for abused women
    • Sharing rooms, time and meals with refugees and people seeking asylum
    • Integration of refugees by means of voluntarily teaching German, accompanying them to authorities, and in finding a place for education and work
  • We also support our own missions in Brazil and Tanzania financially, take in donations for them and hand them on appropriately.