HealthcareTo Heal in the Name of Jesus has been one of the principal ministries of the congregation since the beginning. Like Mary who stood near the cross of Jesus, the SSM’s hear the call of the many people who suffer in body, mind and spirit and try to respond appropriately in the different cultural realities. Our philosophy of healthcare is guided by the following Catholic Identity Indicators:
• Promote and Defend Human Dignity
• Attend to the Whole Person
• Care for Poor and Vulnerable Persons
• Promote the Common Good
• Act on Behalf of Justice
• Steward Resources
• Act in Communion with the Church


Effective April 1, 2013,  our Marian Health Care System in the US/Caribbean Province joined Ascension Health, and became one of the sponsors of the not-for-profit largest Catholic Healthcare System in the United States. Ascension Health is committed to provide quality healthcare to all, especially to the poor and vulnerable.

In Europe healthcare is generally provided to the elderly in nursing homes or in their homes. In developing countries, attention is always given to the sick so that as much as possible, they receive essential care and that the sacredness of human life from conception to death is respected and supported.



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