Other Current Projects

Ifunde, Tanzania

Goal: To build a school for education of children in each village.

Objective: Children will learn the basics of Swahili and English, the two national languages of  Tanzania; also human and Christian values, as well as the appropriate educational programs for their ages.

Needs for this Project: Cement, materials for the roof and containers for the collection of water are needed.The local people are collecting stones and will do the construction of the buildings. The cost of one building is about 8,000 Euro.

Goal: To improve the quality of health care for the people of the area.

Objective: To construct a small outpatient clinic near the sisters’s convent where the sick can receive professional and loving care by our two sisters who are licensed as a physician and nurse.

Needs for this Project: Building materials, furniture and standard equipment for the clinic. The local people will be helping to build the clinic.

Goal: To expand the “Sister Water Project” for clean, accessible water to additional villages in the parish.

Objective: To develop a system of rainwater collection in other villages for use during the dry seasons.

Needs for this Project: Containers for rainwater collection. 


Brazil: Goiânia – Nova Xavantina

Goal: To promote good healthcare, sanitation and wellness in the Xavantes Indians villages of the Aldean Regions.

Objective: To provide educational programs for the Xavantes Indians on a weekly basis.
A teacher and a group of students from the Billy Gancho School in Nova Xavantina in Mato Grosso will travel to the villages.

Needs for this Project: A van to transport the group from the city to the various Xavantes Indian villages.

Goals: To prevent adolescent behavioral problems and exploitation of minors in Goiânia.
To prepare adolescents and young people to obtain a job.

Objective: Through day programs adolescents and young people  near the Mae Dolorosa Convent are offered sports, music, hand-craft activities and job-related skill development opportunities.

Needs for this project: Musical instruments are needed.


Grenada, West Indies

Goal: To refurbish the modern language laboratory at St. Rose Modern Secondary School.

Objective: To provide students with appropriate media and technological devices that will enable them to learn French and Spanish more effectively.

Needs for this Project:
- An eight-station deluxe stereo CD/cassette listening center
- CD and DVD player
A television set
- Simple story books for French and Spanish
- DVD’s and CD’s to teach and reinforce French and Spanish.

Goal: To develop music ministry at St. Rose Modern Secondary School.

Objectives of Project
To develop musical talents in students
To re-introduce a Steel Band so that students can use music to enhance learning and for faith development/evangelization.
To encourage students to become involved in art festivals and competitions and to provide service to the community.

Needs for this Project:
- A ten-piece Steel Band set.
- Two electric guitars
- One drum set
- Other percussion instruments